Our mini-engineering tools turn you into an expert. Our mini tools provide the user with the ability to know the technical requirements to manufacture their parts. Simply enter your parts characteristics and our engineering tools will predict manufacturing parameters such as cycle time and tonnage requirements of the manufacturing process.
      Mini tools are designed to estimate the parameters from Injection Molding like Thermal Diffusivity, Cooling time & tonnage calculation with minimal inputs.
      Where We have provided a thermal diffusivity calculator to calculate thermal diffusivity for a variety of common plastics. Users can choose to use preset options using the drop-down lists or they can enter the material properties (thermal conductivity, density, specific heat capacity) for other types of polymers. These material properties can be found on the material data sheet for your polymer.
      Cooling time is the amount of time it takes for the molten plastic to solidify. Cooling time is a significant portion of the total cycle time for injection molding and can account for up to 85% of the entire cycle. Cooling time can be estimated based on material properties, process parameters, and part specifications. Injection molding cooling time is largely affected by the thickness of the part and effective thermal diffusivity.
      The press tonnage, the larger the machine and the more expensive it is to run. The tonnage calculator estimates the required clamping force based on part specification. Clamping force is required to keep the mold shut, resisting the injection pressure required to fill the mold with molten plastic. To estimate the required clamping force the total projected area of the part is multiplied by the required cavity pressure.