Leak Test

A) General Part Information

Part Number:-
- Part Number which is usually mentioned on the drawing. (Alphanumeric values are accepted).
Part Name:-
- Part Name, Metal Pump, SS tank, Sheet container , etc. (Alphanumeric values are accepted).

B) Volume (Number of Pieces Produced)

Annual Volume:-
- The Number of Pieces that are Required in a Year (1- 10000000 Nos).
Lot Run Size:-
- The Number of Parts to be Processed in a Single Setup (Less than or equal to Annual volume).

C) Part Specification

Part Net Weight (Kg):-
- Enter Part Net Weight in kilograms (0.1 -25).
Length (mm):-
- Enter Part Maximum Length dimension in Millimeters (10-1500).
Width (mm):-
- Enter Part Maximum Width dimension in Millimeters (10-1500).
Height (mm):-
- Enter Part Maximum Height dimension in Millimeters (10-1000).