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In the powder coat booth painting process, a dry powder coating is applied electrostatically to the surface of a workpiece within a controlled environment, creating a durable and high-quality finish. This technique offers excellent coverage, adhesion, and versatility for a wide range of industries and applications. Powder Booth coat is to be done on custom parts like car doors, Panels, automotive parts, accessories, etc. our comprehensive Powder Coat Booth Paint Costing Tool, a game-changer in the realm of cost analysis and estimation. With this tool, you can accurately assess the expenses associated with powder coat booth paint operations, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your pricing strategies. Take advantage of our intuitive cost calculator to simplify your budgeting process and gain better control over your expenses.

A) General Part Information

Part Number:-
- Part Number which is usually mentioned on the drawing. (Alphanumeric values are accepted).
Part Description:-
-Enter Part Name for example Bumper, Cover, Upper body, etc. (Alphanumeric values are accepted).

B) Volume (Number of Pieces Produced)

Annual Volume:-
- The Number of Pieces that are Required in a Year (Limit set for the tool : 1- 10000000 Nos)
Lot Run Size:-
- The Number of Parts to be Processed in a Single Setup (Less than or equal to Annual volume)

C) Part Specific Information

Part Thickness (mm):-
- Enter the Maximum thickness of the part. (Limit set for the tool : 0.8 mm - 127 mm).
Part Envelope Length (mm):-
- Enter the Longest Side of the part which is considered the overall length of the part. (Limit set for the tool : 1524 mm - 3048mm).
Part Envelope Width (mm):-
- Enter the Maximum width of the part which is considered the overall width of the part. (Limit set for the tool : 1168 mm - 3048 mm).
Part Envelope Height (mm):-
- Part Envelope Height (mm)- Enter Height of the part, which is considered overall width of the part (Limit set for the tool : 300 mm - 2438 mm).
Weight (Kg):-
- Enter the Weight of the part, which is considered overall weight of the part. (Limit set for the tool : 90 Kg - 1000 Kg).
Actual Surface Area to be Painted (Sq mm):-
- The user have to enter the Surface Area that needs to be painted. (Limit set for the tool : 929031 sq mm to 24842273 sq mm).

D) Special Part Characteristics

Select Part Shape:-
- Select part shape of the part which is shown in the drawing from the dropdown is given. - 1] Flat / Solid, 2] Tubular 3] Mesh type

E) Coating Color Selection

Select Powder Coat Color:-
- Select the Color that part needs to be coated from the following:
Black, Blue, White, Green, Orange, etc.

F) Select Primer Specifications

Select Primer if needed:-
- Select Primer - Additional Precoat for added Rust Protection, Improved Surface finish and Better Adhesion (Yes / No).